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Instrumental Pitch Pipes
Our circular pitch pipes cover the full range of the chromatic scale, using 13 hand-tuned special bronze reeds with patented tone chambers – precision tuned and checked to A-440. To assure proper note selection, the scale is arranged in sequence and clearly marked by the note notations on both the top and bottom covers.

master key full

  note selector
Note Selector
  master top
Top view
master bottom
Bottom view

Master Key Note Selector: MODEL NS
The perfect accessory for the world-famous Master Key Pitch Instrument to assure finding the correct note under difficult conditions. Just blow into the note selector for the perfect pitch.
For more information please see the instruments page.

SN Series
Nickel tubes
Bronze reeds
Set in beautiful white plastic holder for easy note selection
Individually boxed



sn1a sn2 sn3
           SN1A SN2 SN3
sn7   sn9
SN7   SN9



2S Series
Beaded lip mouthpiece
Flat matte kid-finish
Ease in tuning
Constructed with
hand-tuned bronze reeds
Individually boxed




2s1 2S2 2S3
           SN1A SN2        SN3
2S7   2S9
SN7   SN9


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