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Kratt Pitch Pipes
40 Layfette Place
Kenilworth, NJ 07033
Phone: (908) 709-8901
Fax: (908) 709-8908

Individuals can purchase the Kratt Pitch Pipe
at Music Stores and some Book Stores nationwide

The Kratt family manufactured the pitch pipe for 76 years until February 27, 2001 when they sold the business to the McNamera family. Previously the McNamera’s were producing only the plastic parts for the pipe. Today the company is run by John McNamera and his son and daughter, Robert and Jill. They are keeping the tradition alive and manufacturing our beloved pitch pipe and many other tuning devices (9 total). Today the Kratt Pitch Pipe Company is located at 40 Lafayette Place, Kenilworth, New Jersey. We're still using most of the original 1936 dies. We employ 7 people and the workers here at the plant are the best at what they do, in fact, the only ones in AMERICA doing what they do.  
crew “Some who have seen
our place describe it as
“Santa’s Last Toy Shop”
but these pipes are,
of course, not toys."
— Robert McNamera


William Kratt Sr. is the inventor and the man mostly responsible for it's impact with singers
world-wide. He was born September 22, 1892 in Trossingen / Baden-Württemberg, Germany also known as “music town”. Trossingen was also the home of Hohner, a very well known harmonica manufacturer, where William found work at an early age. When he was 18, he decided to come to America. The year was 1910.

    William Kratt
The original Kratt Company plant (1925-2002) located at 988 Johnston Place, Union, New Jersey. It was here he invented the first pitch pipe. The first model was C to C in a red card-board box and looked very much like today's version. Aside from the reeds inside being made of a slightly different metal, it had only had 8 notes keys (C4 to C5).   building  
                Union, New Jersey (circa 1942)
master It was also about this time he discovered the need to include ALL 13 notes;
not only the white notes but also the sharps and flats. The pipe was redesigned
and offered just as it is today. The Kratt Company still remains the only company in America producing these pitch instruments. — Copy by Grady Kerr.
                           Master Key  


Below, you can view the Kratt Master Key making it's appearance in a commercial where Lawrence Fishbern reprises his role in from the Matrix. This video was features during Super Bowl XLVIII from 2014.